Luxury Resort

It has been a tiringly busy week…the weekend is knocking and how you wish you could spend a couple of days relaxing…the pollution…the bitterness…the uproar…and the tiredness…You need to go away, yest not veray far from the metrolois, to a charming forest, Sundarban, a wonderful gateway…treat yourself at the Sundarban Riverside Holiday Resort which is located the the edge of the National Reserve Forset and the Gomti river runs alongside. So, it’s the unique opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, the serenity and the wildlife in this World Heritage Site

Sundrabn Riverside Holiday Resort ensures efficient and impeccable service within a warm and healthy ambience, which is situated in 6 acres of land with 24 well furnished rooms with modern ammenities alongwith a sprawling lake, a fine dinning hall, badminton court, playground and a well equipped conference room.