Cyclone BulBul is likely to recurve and hit the Sunderbans between Sagar Island in India and Khepupara in Bangladesh on Sunday morning, according to a late-night Met bulletin. After cyclone Aila, this is the first major cyclone to hit the Sunderbans in 10 years.

The cyclone, which formed early on Thursday and intensified into a ‘severe cyclonic storm’ over east-central Bay of Bengal was located 600km south of Sagar, acoording to the 10.30pm bulletin.

Its impact on the state could be substantial. While Kolkata is expected to receive light rain during the second half of Friday, moderate to heavy showers are likely over the weekend.
Weathermen observed that it was likely to recurve in its final stretch and swerve towards Bangladesh. “It is still moving in a north-northwest direction and was on course to hit the Bengal and Bangladesh coasts. But it is the latter that could take the major hit though the landfall is not yet certain,” said RMC director GK Das.

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