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Ryask Tourism has a diverse role in operating – we conduct trips in areas as well as we promote the region to support the local communities. We have pioneered in the field of tourism for many years. Ryask Tourism constantly focuses on developing innovative services based on travel requirements. Our expert tour organisers are responsible from planning to execution of your tours. With a well established and organised infrastructure, we operate mainly in Indian states focusing on the wildlife conservations. We have a team of dedicated professionals who strive to give you an exceptional holiday experience.
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Weddings in forests may not require Centre’s permit anymore

Weddings, exhibitions, concerts, film shoots and other events of a temporary nature may now be allowed inside forests without the requirement of prior permission from the Centre under the Forest Conservation Act, a decision that has opened a debate on their likely impact on the wilderness. In a letter dated October 11 addressed to forest [...]

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Tiger Skin Seized In North Bengal

14ft LONG SKIN AND BONES OF A ROYAL BENGAL TIGER SEIZED Officials of Belacoba forest range in Jalpaiguri district seized 14-feet long skin and 110 pieces of bones of a Royal Bengal Tiger, yesterday. The team also arrested two Bhutan nationals. #royalbengaltiger #royalbengal #savetiger #savetigerindia #northbengal #sundarbannationalpark #sundarbanblog www.sundarbannationalpark.in

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Tiger Poacher Arrested In Assam.

A tiger poacher has been arrested by Assam police with the help of the Indian Army, paramilitary forces and the forest officials. The accused identified as Sunilal Boro was arrested on Saturday in Bilasipara area of Dhubri district. “Sunilal Boro, who is related to a tiger poaching case under Panbari Range was apprehended by the [...]

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World Tourism Day

Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day as international observances on September 27. This date was chosen as on that day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted. The adoption of these Statutes is considered a milestone in global tourism. Happy World Tourism Day... Keep traveling... www.sundarbannationalpark.in [...]

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Subho Mahalaya

The shraddha is performed on the specific lunar day. during the Pitru Paksha, when the ancestor—usually a parent or paternal grandparent—died. There are exceptions to the lunar day rule; special days are allotted for people who died in a particular manner or had a certain status in life. Chautha Bharani and Bharani Panchami, the fourth [...]

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